The insurance risk of load shedding

The insurance risk of load shedding

Rolling blackouts pose various risks, including some that can affect your insurance cover. A few of these dangers are:

1. Security risks: Load shedding provides ample opportunity for criminals to strike while various security systems and protection devices are not working.
Take note: Most alarms have a battery back-up. Make sure it kicks in during blackouts.

2. Appliance risks: Appliances and electronics are damaged due to power spikes and surges when electricity supply is turned back on.
Take note: Check your policy to see if you have cover for power surges, or whether a surge arrestor is a policy requirement.

3. Generator risks: Poor workmanship or self-installation can often result in property damage, injury and even death.
Take note: Use a qualified and licenced electrician to install a generator.

4. Traffic risks: The risk of accidents increases with load shedding. Be patient at traffic lights and make sure it is safe before you cross an intersection.

Take note: Always look out for other road users that might not stick to the rules.

Information courtesy of Thatch Risk Acceptances

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